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The art of eating well

Is it too early for New Year’s resolutions?

I don’t know, but with all this “new beginning, new life” kinda feeling I’ve been having, I caught myself paying a lot of attention to some of my habits. And I was shocked to realize my neglect to my own health and well being particularly.

It’s very well known what we have to do to live a healthy life. There’s nothing new in the fact that we need to eat a lot of vegetables, of fruits, some protein, and even carbs. Also, the importance of keeping a balance when consuming all of these food has been extensively explored. So why is it so hard to keep a healthy diet?

It’s very easy to blame our busy 21st century lifestyle. Or the practicality of microwaveable frozen food. Or the money it costs to buy and cook your own food. But the truth is, for me at least, I just got lazy. It became convenient and effortless. Plus, when you live by yourself in a country where food is sold mostly at huge portions, it’s hard to prepare anything without having to throw a lot of it away. Unless you enjoy eating the same meal for the entire week. And I don’t know about you, but I hate tossing food. I just hate it. I’ve seen people who has nothing to eat enough times to make my heart ache every time I have to throw unfinished leftovers in the garbage.

Anyway, whatever the reason is, I decided that as soon as I settle down again I need to change my eating habits. I need to put a little more thought into what I put into my organism. Come on, it’s our bodies I’m talking about here! It’s not just something insignificant. If I don’t feed myself with the necessary vitamins and nutrients that my body needs, if I don’t care about my nutrition, then who will? (Not to mention the fitness factor. But I’m not gonna talk about that now, maybe in a different post…) So I’m already doing some research on how to achieve a better eating habit, and I invite everyone who reads this to do the same.

You don’t need to change everything you eat cold turkey. That might work for some people, and it’s awesome for them, but I’ve tried it before and didn’t succeed. I’m thinking more of a slow change. How about start by planning your meals ahead instead of just grabbing whatever is in front of you when hunger hits you? Or maybe start spreading the total food you eat in a day in more frequent and smaller meals? Another good tip would be to eat the more caloric and heavy food earlier in the day rather than later. At least they will be digested in the periods when your body is functioning more actively. I know it all sounds so obvious, but these are little things to which we rarely pay attention but that could make a lot of difference.

I’m choosing to start with one of the most important things to change. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the population is in need of this change too. And it’s one of the simplest things ever: drink water. Just like that. Get a glass, fill it with water, and drink it. Simple, fast, easy. Everybody knows that we need to drink 8 glasses of water per day, but how many of us actually drink that? I for one drink way less than that. So that’s what I’m gonna start focusing on: for one week, I’m gonna get a water bottle to carry with me at all times. I’ll put it in my purse. Then if every 1-2 hours I drink a little of water, by the end of the day I’ll have reached my quota. 🙂

Unfortunately, this is one of those things that is easier said than done. And changing habits are not easy, especially when it involves surpassing your own laziness and actually doing something to change your situation. In addition to this, I’m usually really good at starting things like these, but they generally last for a week and then things fall back to the old pattern. That’s why this time I’m breaking it down to various steps, trying one at a time. My idea is that it should be easier to remember that one step you chose. And here is where your creativity should come in handy. Any strategy to help you remember your commitment and carry through with it should be welcome.

So that will be my challenge for this week. Who’s with me?


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